Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Yo Obama, it's either victory or defeat!

As the Generals report is becoming a true waste, caused by the lack of attention by the supposed Commander in Chief, the ignorance of the Democratic party, and the disgusting lack of support from the American people, it is becoming clear that there are only two paths in regards to the Generals report ; Victory or defeat.

The situation in Afghanistan is at dire levels, a massive Iraq-like troop surge is needed as soon as possible in order to secure victory, however, with a supposed Commander in Chief who has a problem with the term "victory" , I question whether or not America has a Military leader which will do what is necessary to secure victory for America, and defeat for our enemies.

The Riehl World View has a very depressing article posted on their website this morning, in which it appears that Obama is choosing politics over the lives of American soldiers in Afghanistan, who need reinforcements ASAP from their government, instead.....their government appears to be leaning towards a "middle ground" approach to the war in Afghanistan, which would mean no new troops, and perhaps no new hope.

I am in no way, shape or form calling for any of Americas troops to be called home if Obama does nothing, because I realize the cost if we allow the terrorists to succeed in Afghanistan against the greatest Military on earth. It would mean Afghanistan would return to a state of Islamo-Fascism, terrorism would skyrocket, and the United States would no longer be a world power which can defeat any enemy. Former Secretary of State, Condi Rice warned Americans about this a few weeks ago, correctly stating that surrender in Afghanistan, would mean another 9/11 in America.

Mr.President, demand that our Generals get the troops they need, or resign!

Riehl World View -

-- Tim K.


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