Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Obama Disapproval Reaches New High

 For those who are still interested to see if President Obama has any supports left-- check out the new poll average from Real Clear Politics. According to their tracker, the President's disapproval rating has reached its highest rating yet.

Approval: 45.7%
Disapproval: 49.0%

Rasmussen has the President's disapproval at a high 56% while Time, which is infamous for left-leaning polls, has him at "only" 45%. It should also be noted that Time is the only of the major polls that have Obama with more approving than disapproving.

So when we get the repeal of the Bush tax cuts and the economy tanks, how many people are going to approve then? Or if we get a job-killing, energy-price-spiking cap and tax bill, how many people will be happy? Or when people have to pay new taxes to pay for ObamaCare? Or when Iran gets the bomb?


Anonymous said...

ppl are waking up to Obama, the modern day Hitler. the bastard said in his books, his writings, his spoken word he was going to "fundamentally transform" America. No one believed Hitler in Mein Kampf and no one believed the evil behind Obama's message. voter malaise, lies in a corrupt media have jetted this man and his socialist agenda to power, along with a corrupt, treacherous congress and senate. We need all decent Americans of both parties to vote these socialist bastards out of office and restore our constitutional liberties and freedoms.

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