Thursday, April 15, 2010

Crist in Lead as Independent?

Some potentially explosive news out of Florida. Current Governor and candidate for the Senate Charlie Crist would be leading in athree-way race against Marco Rubio and Democrat Charlie Meek. This comes as Rubio is crushing Crist in the Republican primary race for the Senate.

According to the poll:

GOP Primary:
Rubio: 56
Crist: 33

General Election:
Crist: 32
Rubio: 30
Meek: 24

Also from the poll:

  • Crist would get 30 percent of Republicans, 27 percent of Democrats and 38 percent of independent voters;
  • Rubio would receive 64 percent of GOP votes, 5 percent from Democrats and 29 percent of independents:

  • Meek, a congressman from South Florida, would get 55 percent of Democratic votes, 15 percent of independents and no Republicans.

  • An interested November is coming up...


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