Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Obama Received $1 Million From Goldman Sachs

Then-candidate Obama witnessed the financial crisis firsthand towards the end of 2008, personally exploiting it to get the final push into office. Now while he was doing that, it now appears that he was receiving a pretty good share from Goldman Sachs-- one of the catalysts causing the collapse.

There's an article from Drudge linked on his site from Open Secrets-- but wouldn't you know it, the link is down:

Heck, even Michael Moore is complaining about it. Goldman contribution represented the NUMBER ONE private contribution to the President's campaign. Conviniently he also voted for the TARP bailout giving billions to firms like Goldman.

"I point out in the film that Goldman Sachs is his No. 1 private contributor," Moore answered. "But I voted for the guy. I'm still hopeful that he's going to do the right thing and side with us, and not Wall Street. But the jury's out on that."

I know that Michael Moore isn't credible, but when the left is eating its own, it's kind of fun.


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