Tuesday, November 3, 2009

David Harmer can win today.

David Harmer, the Republican candidate for Congress in California's special election in their 10th congressional election, does have a chance of winning this election today. While running in a district which has not elected a Republican in decades, their last Congresswoman easily claimed victory with near 70% of the vote, and it is rated D+11, does not seem possible.

Then again, 2009 has not been a normal election year, as we have two interesting Gubernatorial elections on the eastern seaboard, a special congressional election which has the Nation watching in Upstate New York, and the future of the Conservative movement, the Republican party, perhaps even America herself is on the line.

David Harmer is a Conservative Republican businessman, who is concerned with growing deficits, the government attempting to takeover health care, and the threat from Iran & North Korea having nuclear weapons. While the Democratic candidate is a blood sucking poli-tick who is obsessed with elected office, is as liberal as they come, and favors destroying the greatest health care system in the world. Seems like the normal Democrat from California, however, this is not a normal election.

According to a poll released last week, Democrat Lt.Governor John Garamendi is leading Republican David Harmer by a 50-40% margin, with 6% supporting third party candidates, and another 4% are unsure. While 40% of the vote would be something to tout in this congressional district alone, victory can be achieved.

First, the polling methodology is incorrect, as it questioned Republicans as 32% of all respondents, while Republicans made up 34.5% of those who voted in the primary, and historically Republicans tend to show up in larger numbers compared to their share of the registration or the last congressional election in regards to special elections.

Second, David Harmer can win this election if he gets every Republican voter out to the polls, if he makes a last minute appeal to Independents in the district in regards to health care, and if Democrats are a depressed vote this election. While Conservatism has momentum across America in regards to opposing fiscal socialism, will that result in electing fiscal conservatives to Congress? That is yet to be seen.

Third, 45% of all voters aged 18-34 support David Harmer's campaign, while younger voters have historically been unreliable to Republican campaigns, if Harmer can get the youngsters out in this election, and pray for senior citizens to have a strong presence in this election, it could be close.

Besides the fact David Harmer is running a brilliant campaign, he has done well in polling, and Conservatives and Republicans alike are fired up across the Nation, he needs a high voter turnout from the Republican party, a depressed turnout from Democrats, he needs a last minute appeal to Independents, he needs youngsters and senior citizens to come out strong for his campaign, and he needs a little bit of luck.

David Harmer can win this election, please tell all who you know in California's 10th congressional district to support David Harmer for Congress! It is time to stop sitting on the bench, and strong crowding the polls.

Also, if you write on a political blog and you are reading this, please post a message to your readers requesting that they to tell everyone they know in California's 10th congressional district to vote for David Harmer! Every vote counts!


-- Tim K.


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