Friday, November 20, 2009

Vote in Our Poll: What's Your Top 2010 Issue?


Kevin said...

I would like to see God back in this country and the devil out.

Rob said...

My #1 Issue and goal is to deconstruct the federal government to return it to the original intent of the Founders. If it takes 100 years, my children and my children's children will continue the fight until freedom returns to America.

Anonymous said...

I am sick about the lack of concern over the inelligibility of this man who thinks he is the president.
Whatever else I am concerned with is overshadowed by this perplexing tolerance by those in a position to challenge this assault on our constituion. Who, exactly, will have the fortitude to call this man on the carpet for his treachery. Is there no one who cares for the law of the land? May God help us.

RevDeadCorpse said...

Constitutional restoration. Put the government genie back in it's bottle and everything else will straighten itself out.

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