Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Obama bow represents new America.

Over the weekend, the Conservative blogosphere has pounced on the "bow seen round the world", a photograph of the supposed Commander in Chief bowing to the Emperor of Japan, something no other American President or world leader for that fact, has ever done.

This Obama "bow", is not only a continued indicator of Obama's weakness as a President, and his sick admiration for world leaders. This is the new United States of America as Obama views it, we are no longer a Nation that stands proudly before the rest of the world, America now is humbled before the rest of the world, a mentality no President has ever had or wanted during the glorious 233 years as a Nation.

Obama has slandered the Nation, he was elected to lead across the world. Obama is pushing legislation which will destroy our freedoms and the greatest economic system in the world. Obama is weakening our national defense to the levels of European defense, while at the same time risking the lives of our European allies. Obama does not believe in American execptionalism, a belief that America's freedoms, successes, and our standing as the lone superpower is because of our founding in a strong Constitution, birthed in freedom, along with a strong Capitalistic system.

In regards to International politics, Obama has ignored the calls of our Generals and troops who need backup in Afghanistan, Obama has ignored the cry of freedom from Iran and Honduras, Obama has spit on our allies, while opening arms to our enemies. Obama does not believe in a strong America, as he is even cutting future NASA missions, because of a cost of 30 billion dollars, when he has added trillions to our debt in ten months.

As in the eyes and feelings of Obama, America is being pushed from a proud, strong, successful Nation to a humble, weak, failure of a Nation. The Obama bow represents more then a weak President, it represents the downfall of America herself, a downfall we must correct with the 2010 elections just around the corner.


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