Saturday, November 14, 2009

No longer Democrats? The Obama effect is working.

While we should always be cautious of Greeks bearing gifts, there is a movement across the United States of America, in which moderate Democrats are becoming Republicans, leaving the Democrat party they feel is just to liberal. While Conservative Republicans have felt this way for years, it appears our new found friends are beginning to smell the roses, with the help of Barack Obama.

I have two reports upcoming of elected officials or activists who are either leaving the party, or are considering leaving the party, because of the radical leftward tilt of the party, associated heavily with the actions of the supposed Commander in Chief.

Since May of last year, Democrats have engaged in one crazy, destructive scheme after another, from the reckless Trillion Dollar “Stimulus” spending that was rammed through without even being read by voting members of Congress to the insane economy-killing Cap & Tax nonsense and the deranged takeover of 1/6 of our economy in the Utopiacare debacle.

In regards to all of the above, we’ve consistently felt that after Democrats’ defeat in the 2010 midterms and Dr. Utopia’s defeat in 2012, that moderate Democrats would take back the party and move everything back to the center, where we think the party belongs.

But, honestly, we are so disgusted by the Muslim apologists on the Left that we don’t know if we can continue being Democrats anymore — that we need to accept the fact that we are indeed Independents now.

Independents who support the Clintons and their allies, but no longer moderate Democrats, as the Democrat Party has gone so far to the left, and resides now in such lunacy, that there’s no room for us moderates anymore.

Hillary supporters are even questioning their status as members of the Democrat party.

State GOP Chairman Brad White opens the press conference and makes reference to Republican victories in New Jersey and Virginia as an impetus for the switch of the elected officials. Says White, Barack Obama "has lost his luster."

Those switching include the local District Judge (representing 4 Counties), the Simpson County Sheriff, Constable and an Alderman. Also switching is 1 of the 5 County Supervisors, now giving the GOP the majority 3-to-2.

Since the NJ and VA election victories for the Republican Party last week, at least 20 Democrat elected officials in Texas and North Carolina, including 1 State Representative have switched to the GOP.

The political blog, Libertarian Republican, has done an amazing job of covering Democratic defections to the Republican party, especially in the Southern United States.

While I do not see any major defections such as what Senator Shelby or Congressman Goode did in the aftermath of the 1994 elections and a Liberal agenda of Bill Clinton, Democrats are beginning to question their party of choice, especially in the Southern United States, an area that has a large mixture of both Conservative Republicans and Conservative Democrats, however, there are those who are beginning to understand a cold hard reality, a vote for any a vote for Liberalism.

Let the 2010 Conservative Republican revolution begin!

P.S. Despite the gains we are making with Southern Democrats, strong showings in elections nationwide, I still fear our biggest hindrance will be Libertarians.....


B. Johnson said...

I am reserving my 2010 votes for pro-state sovereignty candidates.

Ed said...

I am reserving my 2010 votes for pro-state sovereignty candidates as well! Wish more people thought that way; time to truly re-establish the Republic!

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