Monday, November 9, 2009

Defeat them All

In the aftermath of last night's vote in the House of Representatives in regards to health care, the Conservative blogosphere has been nitpicking at who supported the bill and who opposed the bill, even I joined the chaos of non-important examination of whom did what.

This goes deeper than what Democrat supported the legislation and what Democrat opposed the legislation; we need to throw all Democrats out of the House of Representatives. Legislation which will put our entire life in control of the government from beginning to the end should never be discussed, let alone voted on.

Electing Democrats = Loss of Freedom. All Democrats are guilty for the health care legislation passing the House of Representatives last night, as all of them voted for Nancy Pelosi to be Speaker of the House, and all of them are members of a super majority which opposes freedom in most if not all aspects.

We need to defeat as many Democrats as possible next year, because a Republican controlled Congress does not even discuss the thought of complete control over our lives, only a Democrat controlled Congress....would consider the thought, and then push that thought into reality on a Saturday evening.

Let it begin with the 14 supposed "blue dog" Democrats who voted for the legislation in Republican districts, then continue the Democrat slaughter from the highest points of Maine, to the border in Texas, as we cannot allow tyranny to run Congress any longer, and regardless of what you are told, Democrats enslave, whether through regulation, chains or control.....

Let the Conservative Republican revolution of 2010 begin!

-- Tim K.


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