Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ask a possible Congressional candidate questions.

Matthew Berry, a former Clerk for Justice Clarence Thomas, has launched an exploratory committee into a possible run against Democratic Congressman Jim Moran in Virginia's 8th congressional district. Matthew Berry, a strong Conservative Republican on most issues, would be challenging a radical leftist who has compared Republicans to the "Taliban", and just yesterday called those who oppose bringing terrorists into the country for civilian trials "un-american".

While Mr.Berry is not officially a declared candidate for the Republican nomination, he has agreed to answer some questions for a brief email interview, however, I felt it would be proper to include you the loyal readers to email me at in this interview, thus if you have any questions you would like to ask Mr.Berry in regards to his stance on the issues, his possible congressional campaign, etc. please post a comment with your question.

All questions must be in by 7PM tonight, as I plan on sending Mr.Berry the questions at that time.

Thank you.

-- Tim K.



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