Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Heritage Firearms Act of 2009.

Nothing would be more fitting then to discuss Veterans and the second amendment on this Veterans day, because without Veterans fighting for our freedoms across the world, there would be no second amendment right, and there would be no Constitutional rights.

Congressman Dennis Rehberg (R - Montana) introduced the Veterans Heritage Firearms Act of 2009 on January ninth, the purpose of the legislation is to create a 90-day amnesty period which will allow for Veterans, and their families to register old firearms, which then can be kept in the family or donated to private museums, the law relates to firearms which soldiers obtained between June 26th, 1934 and October 31st 1968. As it stands one would be prosecuted for having these firearms right now, however, these important weapons represent a time in history, a Veterans trophy, and this legislation would allow their families and private museums to proudly display that history.

The legislation in question in H.R. 442, since February when it was referred to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security, not one action has been taken on this legislation, legislation which would allow for American heritage via the firearms our Veterans have fought with or owned to be preserved forever.

I would encourage all who read this, to contact their local representative in hopes of reaching 218 co-sponsors for this legislation, as it stands 133 Representatives are in support of this legislation, we should work hard to preserve our heritage, and for Veteran's family members to hold on to this heritage without government intervention or fear of prosecution.

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