Sunday, October 4, 2009

5 reasons to support Bob McDonnell for Governor in Virginia.

Author's note : This is a new series of articles, examining the five reasons why Republicans, Conservatives, and Independents alike should support front running GOP candidates across the Nation during the 2009 elections. This first edition will feature Republican candidate for Governor in Virginia.

As you might be aware of, the 2009 Gubernatorial election in Virginia is crucial to the success of the Republican party, the Conservative movement, and the Nation itself. Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell was the lone Republican who even sought out nomination to run on the GOP line, the Democrats had three candidates, it appeared to be a another tough election cycle for Republicans in 2009.

Then, the American people spent a few months watching Democrats in Washington D.C., now Republicans & Conservatism is on the tip of every Americans tongue, just waiting to pull the level for GOP candidates across the Nation.

Enter Bob McDonnell, a strong Conservative Republican from the Commonwealth of Virginia, a historically Republican stronghold before the 2008 elections, however, Virginians know McDonnell, and they like what they see. So why should the average Virginian support Bob McDonnell? Just five core reasons.

  1. Bob McDonnell is as big as a second amendment supporter as you will find, he supported the Supreme Court decision on Heller when he was Attorney General, and has thus been endorsed by the National Rifle Association.
  2. Bob McDonnell is a proponent of the "all of the above" energy plan, which has a deep focus on exploration and drilling of natural gas and oil off of the coast of Virginia, support for coal & Nuclear energy, while also supporting green energy at the same time. This will bring energy & jobs to Virginia.
  3. Bob McDonnell is a friend of the taxpayer, as McDonnell cut taxes while in the House of Delegates, supports eliminating the "death tax", and is a foe of wasteful spending. Something that is very appealing during this time of economic insanity in Washington.
  4. Bob McDonnell is not Creigh Deeds, Bob McDonnell supports lowering taxes, not raising them for any reason, Bob McDonnell is a proud Conservative, Creigh Deeds is a follower of Obamonomics, Bob McDonnell is a defender of life, Creigh Deeds is not.
  5. Bob McDonnell is a man with a Conservative Capitalistic future, Creigh Deeds is a man with the same ole same ole approach, which one really appeals during this economic recession?

Bob McDonnell is a pro-second amendment, pro-all of the above energy approach, a friend of the taxpayer, a supporter of life, and a man who has a Capitalistic Conservative plan, not more big government problem causing so called solutions.

Bob McDonnell for Governor.

--Tim K


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