Wednesday, October 21, 2009

5 reasons to support David Harmer for Congress

Author's note - this is the third of a series of articles, listing five reasons why you should support Republican candidates seeking elected office across the Nation, this series has previously featured Bob McDonnell & Chris Christie.

With the nomination of Democratic Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher to a high level position in the Obama administration, a special election has been called for the vacant congressional seat in California's tenth congressional district, a traditionally liberal district, however, with a special election looming, anything can happen.

Republican David Harmer is seeking to replace Tauscher in the United States Congress, restore Conservatism to the district, and ride on a wave of anti-government feelings which has circulated across the Nation. While Harmer might have more momentum then Republicans have previously had while running in this district, the district is D+11, supported Obama with 64% of the vote, and the Democrat candidate is the current Lt.Governor of California.

Despite all of the above mentioned, Harmer is running a special election, which guarantees a tighter election then normal, especially if Harmer can get out the Republican vote, and use the Democrat candidates status as a member of a failing administration against him to rile up feelings.

Without further delay, here are the official five reasons to support Republican David Harmer's bid to become California's next Congressman from the 10th congressional district.

  1. God knows, we need all of the business experience we can get in Washington D.C. right now, which is the largest reason why we should all support David Harmer. Harmer is a independent businessman who has become very successful in a state which demoralizes most business owners.
  2. Harmer believes in the "all of the above" energy approach, and opposes the "cap & tax" legislation which passed the House of Representatives several months ago. His energy approach is an oddity in California, however, it is welcomed.
  3. Harmer is a National Security Conservative, once again, something which has become an oddity in the state of California, however, it is welcomed. Especially since his campaign page directly mentions the dangerous nuclear threats of Iran & North Korea.
  4. Harmer opposes all of the big government spending policies which have gone through Congress over the past nine months, he realizes that common sense fiscal Conservatism is needed, unlike his opponent.
  5. Harmer has never been elected to public office, is just a man attempting to the right thing for his four children. Harmer does not believe in big government, socialized medicine, imprisoning our children in trillions of dollars of debt, or taking away our freedom. David Harmer is the Conservative Republican candidate for Congress in this district, which is why he needs our support.

David Harmer is a businessman, one who understands we need to use the energy we got as well as other energies in development, opposes the "cap & tax" legislation, believes in National Security and addressing the threats in Iran & North Korea, is an oddity in California politics, is against big government spending, and in the end, is just a regular guy doing this for his kids.

Please support David Harmer anyway you can, whether it be through voting for him, supporting his campaign through talking with friends or a political contribution, we need folks like David Harmer in Congress now.

-- Tim K.


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