Monday, October 5, 2009

El Rushbo to buy the St.Louis Rams franchise?

Conservative blogger Doug Powers has posted an interesting article on his website, as it appears that Conservative Icon and top rated talk show host Rush Limbaugh is one of the perspective buyers of the St. Louis Rams franchise, perhaps the most liberal team in all of the National Football League.

According to OpenSecret, when we look at political donations of team officials, coaches, players and employees, the St. Louis Rams are the NFL team that is the most Democrat, with political donations going 98% Democrat and 2% Republican. This seems like an odd fit for Rush, but maybe he could bring them around.

The St. Louis Rams might be the most liberal team in terms of political donations over the past several decades, however, with the most Conservative talk show host bidding to become the owner of the team, I would suspect that Rush would be able to bring them around real quickly.

Some will question why Rush Limbaugh would become involved in the National Football League to the point of becoming the owner, I would ask why not? Rush Limbaugh is a big Conservative & Capitalist, he believes in competition, and what better way to be involved in the Capitalist system based on competition then in the National Football League?

He is the best in radio, perhaps he could be the best in the NFL.

Not to mention, who doesn't want to be the owner of a NFL team?

Doug Powers article -

-- Tim K.


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