Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Congressman Grayson Briefly Spent Time in Mental Hospital in 1980s

Former Keller Aide Explains Grayson's 2008 Win
Charles Nelson

Alan Grayson has swiftly become one of the most noticeable members of the 111th Congress. The Florida Democrat narrowly beat his Republican challenger, Ric Keller in the 2008 race for the Congressional seat. Grayson was notable in that he funded his own campaign with personal funds.

Congressman Grayson has described himself as a "proud progressive" and has been listed on MoveOn.org's list of the most influential members of the Democratic Party. Grayson first made waves in September by stating that the Republican response to the pending health care legislation was for people to "die quickly."

Grayson also called Fox News an enemy of the United States and called Linda Robertson, an aide to Federal Reserve Chief Ben Bernanke and former Enron lobbyist a "K-Street whore." Grayson has not retracted the statements and is coming under intense scrutiny from conservative media sources.

With Grayson's erratic behavior has also been seen as a growing embarrassment to the Democratic establishment. New York Congressman Anthony Weiner was quoted by Politico as saying that his colleague was "one fry short of a happy meal." Other Democrats, including New Jersey Rep Bill Pascrell have criticized Grayson's outlandish behavior.

After Grayson's latest outburst became public, former Keller aide Johann Kipling told the Saint Petersburg Times that the 2008 Keller campaign had unearthed curious inconsistencies in Grayson's professional career.

Kipling's statements were chronicled in an interview set to be released on November 5. Kipling stated that while Grayson touted that he was a respected economist he had actually failed an economics course in his sophomore year. In addition, some of Grayson's senior papers were accused of widespread plagiarism.

In addition, Kipling stated that Grayson's campaign had a glaring omission. During 1988, when Grayson had just turned thirty and while working for the Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson law firm, he spent four days in the Psychiatric Institute of Washington. What the cause of this stay was is yet unclear, although testimony from co-workers suggests that Grayson was extremely combative with fellow employees, including slapping a female intern in the face. Grayson was released after PIW doctors declared him "not to be a threat to the public."

Asked why the Keller campaign did not release this information, Kipling stated that it was the decision of Keller himself. Keller was a four-term Congressman before the insurgent Grayson captured 52% of the vote in 2008.


Anonymous said...

Ditto....Grayson is a total ASShole. If a Republican had called a female lobbiest a whore,(on a recording), he would have had to RESIGN RIGHT NOW!!! We should all get together and demand that he resign.

Anonymous said...

I dunno, if he failed an econ test, how did he graduate Summa Cum Laude? And do you have a cite on his 'hospitalization'?

I think everyone on the right needs to face up to the fact this guy used to clerk for Scalia and ergo, he is not to be dismissed lightly.

beth407 said...

Well, that explains why he talks crazy. He is alittle crazy. Anyway I am so glad we'll be rid of him in 2010. That's thanks to Patricia Sullivan who will be standing up against him and standing up for us. I like her backbone and her willingness to stand up for our constitution and help us patriots out here let our voices be heard. If your tired of Grayson and all of his crazyness take a look at her. wwww.patriciasullivanforcongress.com

Anonymous said...

I have to give this blog credit: Fox Nation was censoring me when I mentioned that Grayson had sued Haliburton over shipping ice to our troops in trucks that had been used to transport bodies in Iraq: http://bit.ly/DrdI

Fox Nation also censored me when I tried to post about Grayson's "whore" remark being directed at Linda Robertson, a lobbyist for the Federal Reserve, whose policies have cost American taxpayers trillions.

Max Chapman said...

I've always believed Alan Grayson was CRAZY but now I have proof. He is the embodiment of the modern ultra liberal Democratic Party. He's an Anti-American, radical Socialist lunatic. Look at his legal work against the Bush Administration, he was one of the leading lefties calling our troops 'war criminals'. I want his political career to 'die quickly' in 2010! I'm sure people in Central Florida can find a congressional candidate that's not CRAZY!

Anonymous said...

I'll be waiting for that "proof" in the November 5 St. Pete Times article. In the meantime, why don't you write about Grayson's past with actual cited sources, and not hearsay from a political foe.

Anonymous said...

About time we have a senator with some Kahunas!!! You Go Alan....

Iggy said...

Grayson called a K Street Whore and K Street Whore, and the other whores on K Street got upset.

The only problem with him using the term "K Street Whore" is that it's REDUNDANT.

But it does my heart good to watch the right-wingers man the barricades to defend an ENRON LOBBYIST, because somebody they hate called the Enron lobbyist what she was, and said out loud what most Americans think of such people.

Kevin K. said...

One must look at the context in which the word "whore" was used. It was not referring to a woman selling her body for sex.

I guess everyone referring to a dog as a "bitch" have some explaining to do...

Anonymous said...

I must say that I am shocked that Grayson was actually hospitalized for mental illness. If only they had shocked him a little bit more, he might not have turned out to be the biggest loon of all the loons in Congress.

Kudos to the voters in his district for not allowing his mental problems to get in the way of his congressional career! After all, what harm could he do?

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