Friday, October 16, 2009

Doug Hoffman surges in polls, time for Scozzafava to step aside.

If Republicans want to maintain New York's 23rd congressional district, I would recommend the Republican candidate, Assemblywoman "Dede" Scozzafava drop out of the special election being held to replace Republican Congressman John McHugh, and endorse Conservative candidate for Congress, Doug Hoffman. This is no longer a third party candidate which Republicans can dismiss, because Doug Hoffman is not a third party obstructionist, he is the only true Republican in the special congressional election.

According to a new poll released by the Siena Research Institute, Scozzafava is losing more support each and every day, Hoffman is gaining support, and Owens is sitting silently on the sidelines letting Republicans bicker amongst themselves.

Bill Owens (D) - 33%
"Dede" Scozzafava (R) - 29%
Doug Hoffman (C) - 23%
Undecided - 15%.

Doug Hoffman is leading Independent voters, has the backing of 27% of Republican voters, and has surged seven percentage points over the past few weeks, while Scozzafava has lost six percentage points over the past few weeks, the only Republican candidate with serious backing, funding, grassroots support, and resonates with the district is Doug Hoffman.

The time has come for Scozzafava to decide whether or not she will place keeping the district in Republican hands (Doug Hoffman is a Republican, will caucus with Republicans, join the Republican Study Committee), or if she will let a historically Republican district fall into Democratic hands, because of her liberal views which are exactly the same as the Democrat candidate.

Easy decision - Republican control of 23rd congressional district or Democrat control of 23rd congressional district, I prefer Republican control, which is why I call on Scozzafava to end her campaign for Congress, and do the right thing, what the Republican Chairs should have done months ago, support Doug Hoffman for Congress.

I would like to thank R.S. McCain for his support of Doug Hoffman, as he joins such bloggers as Erick Erickson, and American Patriots such as Fred Thompson in supporting the only Conservative Republican in this election. God Bless.

-- Tim K.


Anonymous said...

Such good news. Be gone RINOS.

d.eris said...

"Doug Hoffman is not a third party obstructionist, he is the only true Republican in the special congressional election."

Doug Hoffman is not the "true" Republican. He is the "true" conservative. He would not be able to run the campaign he is, were he running as the official Republican candidate. The Republican Party, like the Democratic Party, does not stand for any principles, other than maintaining and reproducing the two-party system.

Raquel Okyay said...

This race will set the bar for November 2010.

I hope Doug wins. Here's the reason why I think he will

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