Thursday, October 1, 2009

Obama does not understand the Russian threat.

After Russia invaded the Nation of Georgia last year, Senator John McCain quickly condemned the action by the Russians, and declared that we are all "Georgians" today. Considering we have had at least two freedom movements in the past eight months which have been ignored by Obama, that should have been reason enough to support McCain in the Presidential election.

Obama at first blamed both the Russians and the Georgians in an utter disregard for the Nation of Georgia, a small yet staunch ally of the United States, after several days of being called out by John McCain, Obama quickly changed his position on the issue, making John Kerry very proud, and did you know that he served in Vietnam?

This leads me to conclude that Obama just does not understand the Russian threat. What do I mean by Russian threat, in a time when Iran is becoming more dangerous, North Korea is as always spiraling into lunacy, and Obama is waffling on the terror threat overseas. I mean that Russia will never be our ally, Russia is a committed foe, and their goal is to control their former satellites at all costs.

Why do you think Russia launched a invasion into Georgia? It was to display their military muscle to the world, and the Nations of Ukraine, Georgia, Poland, among other Nations which have escaped the grasp of Russia, and are looking at possibly joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which would ensure that Russia would never be able to touch their former slave states again.

When John McCain characterized Putin as "KGB" he was 100% accurate, Putin is a evil man by trade, it appears he will continue his reign of ruling Russia, such as a mini-dictatorship, Russia appears to be the only Nation that is winning when it comes to United States foreign policy, and they have even conducted war games close to American waters in the Atlantic.

Russia is a threat. A threat which Obama is ignoring, something that can only lead to problems for American and our allies.

--Tim K.


bruce said...

the only bigger enemy of ours than putin's russia is president obongo.

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