Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cheney 2012?

I understand that Dick Cheney is everyone's favorite boogeyman, but perhaps his ideas are being proven right as time goes on. Since President Obama took office in January, Cheney challenged Obama's assertions. Obama gladly fired back, but was quickly rebuffed about Afghanistan, surveillance, and Guantanamo Bay. Damaged, Obama backed off. Heck, even some people like the guy.

So now Cheney has increased his favorability ratings while damaging Obama's. But is he ready for the White House? Probably not. He'll be 71 in 2012.

But that won't stop his daughter.

Liz Cheney is organizing to challenge the Obama Administration. Her new political committee will be able to not only spread information, but support candidates, and raise money.

This group, Keep America Safe focuses on the issues regarding foreign policy. Its unabashedly pro-American point of view is refreshing in light of the Obama Administration's constant apologies.

Check out this bitchin' video:

Looks like we've got something serious on the block!


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