Friday, October 30, 2009

'Why the World Dislikes America' Yeah, so What?

Via RealClearWorld comes this article from the Hindu. India is a fairly pro-American nation, and it serves to reason that this article is written by a Russian. Some of its funnier parts are:

The American ideology produces a sublimated version, so to say, of human equality. It stresses that lineage, education, ethnicity and so on do not matter in making one a full-fledged member of the community or a citizen of the world. As the American Dream has it, anyone can get rich, become President…

Such democracy brings unexpected fruits — it makes ordinary Americans conceited, and totally unlike, say, Western Europeans in terms of culture and education.

So if I'm reading this correctly, it would be more...desirable... to have a system where ethnicity automatically puts a person into their place in life. Is it also better to tell children that they can't be anything but simple (stupid) workers?

It can be assumed that the pressure of mass culture that is eroding the traditional culture was the root cause of the tragedy of 9/11.


And don't forget that our kindness to immigrants has helped us become a melting pot which makes us stronger. Or according to the article, a horrible, horrible mess:

The U.S. has been from the start a land of immigrants, be they first-generation or tenth-generation. A population gathered from every part of the world gives it economic dynamism but is also a problem that whips up global anti-Americanism.

If this is why some of the world dislikes us, I think that we're doing something right.


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