Thursday, October 29, 2009

Need more proof Hollywood is the scum of the earth?

Hollywood, the land of endless examples of what happens when you cast your lot with a bunch of deranged liberal lunatics, essentially you turn into an immoral piece of trash who supports a child rapist like Roman Polanski. Hollywood is a place where dreams are made true, literally. The trash Hollywood produces is becoming so bad, that more Americans are staying home and catching a good nights worth of sleep.

Hollywood and politics is another reason why to avoid a career in this vile town, as if you believe in freedom, life, the second amendment, capitalism, conservatism, or even that taxes should be low on the American populace, you should be prepared to have your career cut short, regardless of how talented an actor or actress you have become. Not to mention Hollywood is not like the rest of the Nation in terms of ideology, 40% of all actors and actresses are not Conservatives, you would be lucky to find just 10%.

Oh, and if you hate dictators and dictatorships, Hollywood is not the place for you. Hollywood celebrities are often visiting their dictator friends in Cuba and other South American hell holes, and if you oppose their environmentalist wacko views, you are a fascist, even though they are the ones rubbing elbows with the fascists.

Enough. Why the hell am I writing this article? We already know Hollywood is literally the scum of the earth, except for Spider man movies. The reason, is because of the news that has come out of Hollywood today, see Sean Penn's good pal, Hugo Chavez, is going to allow his American traitor/friend make a film in the authoritarian land.

President Hugo Chavez said he met privately with actor Sean Penn on Wednesday, and that the Oscar-winning celebrity may film a movie in Venezuela.

Penn may shoot a film based on a novel by Cuban writer Alejo Carpentier, which is set largely in the jungle along Venezuela's southern Orinoco river, Chavez said. He appeared to be referring to Carpentier's 1953 novel, "The Lost Steps," about an American anthropologist and composer's journey into the jungle region

If an American actor had done this during World War II, they would have been branded a traitor, yet today, they are praised for meeting with dictators who steal peoples lives, monies, and freedoms.

-- Tim K.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you that Hollywood is the scum of the earth. But for different reasons. Celebrities make so much unnecessary money that they waste on all kinds of bull$hit. Think about all of the money they make for doing what they do, and how much money doctors, teachers, etc. make who actually benefit society. All of the money made buy useless celebrities could help end world hunger, and enable better funding for healthcare and education opportunities for the US citizens. But the industry is so corrupt and the masses are so stupid that they give money to see these untalented a$$holes in concert and pay to go to the movies. Hollywood is fake, and it creates even bigger a$$holes out of a$$holes. There are very few people in this world who are truly talented with their art, and they are the most underappreciated and least recognized artists! Seriously, f**k this country, and f**k human beings. Shallow creatures.

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