Saturday, August 22, 2009

23rd Congressional Republicans are Attempting Political Suicide

I am a devout Conservative Republican, however I must ask, what the hell is wrong with the Republican party chairman's in the 23rd congressional district? First, they nominate a far-left Republican as the nominee for the special election to fill Congressman McHugh's seat, whenever he is approved by the Senate, second, they refuse to reconsider when Conservative Republican Doug Hoffman launches his campaign, last and not least, when Hoffman suggests holding a debate between Scozzafava & Hoffman, they pretty much told him to go to hell.

Doug Hoffman is a Conservative to the bone, a successful businessman, a Republican loyal, however there is a time when you have to stand up, and say enough. We need Conservative candidates, we need someone who reflects the views of the 23rd congressional district, we are sick and tired of wishy-washy Republicans.

As are the voters of the 23rd congressional district, according to very early polling data. As the Adirondack Daily Enterprise has a poll out on their website, which largely covers the 23rd congressional district, asking whom they support in the upcoming special election, whenever it occurs.

56% - Doug Hoffman.
23% - Dede Scozzafava.
21% - Bill Owens.

Be in mind, this is an Internet poll, which can be over polled with Hoffman supporters, however I suspect this is the true feelings of the voters in the 23rd congressional district, as while McHugh is a leftist Republican,he is a core Conservative compared to Owens & Scozzafava, and has never received the endorsement of the ACORN backed Working Families party like Scozzafava has received (during an Assembly race a few years back). Scozzafava has also received the endorsement of the pandering pandas - .

It is enough! We need Conservatism in Washington D.C., this is just not about the ways Dede believes in social Conservatism, it is about her connections to labor & ACORN, it is about having only a 15% Conservative rating, while the Republican in my district has a 75% rating, and the Democrat leader has a 10% rating. This is about the soul of the Republican party, are we going to be principled Conservatives, or a pandering liberal who has sucked up to all parties, even the most radical.

No longer, Doug Hoffman for Congress.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise -

- Tim Knight


Anonymous said...

You are talking New York here and mention ACORN. You also claim "Common Sense" in you banner.
Shouldn't you, therefore, tell us about bribes, kickbacks and payoffs first before asking us to choose sides?

Tom said...

Does it surprise you really? Both major parties are heading for the same goal with their own method of getting there. The Republican Party has not been conservative for a longtime.

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