Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Democrats Have to be Kidding

People in the Democratic party have to be smoking something, as many claim 'they are done with reaching across the political spectrum to Republicans.' My question: when did they start?

-The stimulus was rammed through without any GOP consideration.
-Cap & Tax was pushed through, with an additional 300 pages added in the middle of the night.
-The Democrats have ignored Republicans through out the health care debate, are looking at an unconstitutional procedure to pass the legislation in the Senate, and will not consider one Conservative opinion.

They complain that is time for the GOP to give some ground up. Principles mean a lot more then "reaching across the aisle, my friends", especially when that means passing an unconstitutional measure, an anti-capitalistic, anti-freedom, anti-personal responsibility, anti-American, and anti-common sense legislation. This will cost us hundreds of billions of dollars in debt, perhaps trillions, cause tens of millions to lose their current health insurance, destroy the greatest health care system in the world, and give more control of our lives to the federal government. Not to mention increase tax rates to near 60% in some spots across the Nation.

The Democratic party does not want to compromise; in consideration of this legislation, that is not even practical, given every single measure goes against Conservative principles in one fashion or another. They want to ram it down our throats, and have control over more & more Americans.

So Democrats, next time you claim you were 'working with the GOP,' go tell it to your crazies and leave us alone.

Tim Knight


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