Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Obama's New Plan for Iraq: Release the Terrorists and Hope that They Don't Go on a Killing Spree

First, let me preface this with a statement. I understand the importance in counter-insurgency warfare to appear to be both merciful and tough. I understand that sometimes you have to release people who may have attacked you and re-integrate them back into a peaceful, productive society.

But still, everyone has their limits.

And today, when savage terrorists massacred at least 70 Iraqis, 300 veteran terrorists are set to be released. So are these simply poor farmers who were arrested wrongly? No. Were they people who just launched a rocket or placed a roadside bomb because they needed to feed their family? Probably not.

Instead, they are members of the Iranian-funded Asaib al Haq, who not only have launched attacks on Allied and Iraqi forces, but who led uprisings last year. Fortunately their group was almost annihilated by Maliki's swift offensives.

So all's well with the decision? Not exactly:

"The last thing the Iraqis need right now is for the wholesale release of members of this group just when the Iraqi security forces are trying to learn to walk," one official told The Long War Journal. "I see no indication the Asaib al Haq [League of the Righteous] is sincere about reconciliation; US troops are still being attacked by these Iranian surrogates."

Also released are members of the Iranian Qods Force, who have been coordinating attacks in Iraq for years. For example, Mahmoud Farhadi is one of the three leaders of the Qods Force in Iraq. ... And he's being released.

And this is in conjunction with another decision made by the White House to not bomb terrorists when they are in the Air Force's sights. Great.


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