Friday, August 21, 2009

Bush raised terror level to claim victory? I think not.

Former Pennsylvania Governor, Republican Tom Ridge, has released a book in where he alleges that the Bush administration, or Bush himself, pushed for the terror level to be raised before the election, to push him into victory. Over 33,000 google hits register when "Bush raised terror level to win election" is punched into the search engine. Obviously, this myth has been around for a long time.

How about we debunk it. Looking at why Bush won the election, and how the terror level had nothing to do with it.

1.Bush won in Ohio, not because of rigged voting machines, but because Ohio was voting on a Constitutional amendment to ban homosexual marriage in that state, and Bush supported/supports a Federal Constitution ban on all homosexual marriage, that played well for Bush in the 2004 election, with "social Conservative Democrats".

2.The terror level was raised on August 1st (May I also add, that it was raised on August 1st, three months before election day, not on the eve of election day, but three months before hand) - November 10th to the "orange" threat level, because of intelligence pointing to a possible car bomb or attack on specific buildings in New York City & Washington D.C., this level would have been raised/remained high anyway, given the fact Osama Bin Laden released a tape right before the United States election, and flashbacks to Spain were probably in the minds of the folks at the Department of Homeland Security.

3.I would also question the motives of Tom Ridge as well, as he has been out of political power for almost four years now, considering the fact he was in public or government office for over two decades straight, and he was even talked about being the Vice President selection of John McCain, and a possible Senate candidate against Arlen Specter, I suspect he is attempting to gain attention for a possible run in the future. What better way to get the liberals on your side, then to release a book full of crap, based on President Bush.

The terror level was raised for real reasons, and the video tapes released by al Qaeda's top two terrorists right before the election, and the horrific political ploy by John Kerry (as documented by legal Insurrection) probably led to the 2004 Presidential victory for George Bush, including the social conservative vote in Ohio.

Legal Insurrection -

- Tim Knight


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