Saturday, August 15, 2009

When Three Terrorists Were Waterboarded, Obama Raised Hell. In Iran, Protesters Against a Rigged Election are Tortured to Death. Obama's Response: Uhh

Something that I saw on BBC that really pisses me off if that an unspecified amount of people who protested against the rigged 'elections' in Iran two months ago were apparently tortured to death by security forces. Even worse, both males and females who opposed the regime were systematically raped.

The opposition has claimed, and probably correctly, that at least 69 people have been killed by the Iranian government for protesting the 'election' results. In addition, over 100 political prisoners are being held and could be put to death.

Candidate and President Obama went out of his way to apologize that the United States waterboarded three terrorists. Yes, it's torture, but these people included an operations chief and the man who planned out the September 11th, 2001 attacks which killed almost 3,000 people. Quite frankly, if I was in a room with Khalid Mohammed, waterboarding would be the least of that fuckwit's worries.

Obama also tortuously blamed the United States for the Guantanamo Bay terrorist holding facility. For years the whining about 'torture' by the US reached a fevered pitch by many on the Left. Now that true torture, including murder, rape, and political prisoners, is occurring... where's Obama?

Is he on a flight to the Mideast to discuss with regional leaders the illegitimacy of the Iranian theocracy? No. Is he meeting with allies to discuss the nuclear weapons program? No. For a guy who supposedly stands against torture and for treating allies well, he's doing a really, really poor job of it.

Obama: get out a book and learn something about Iran. If I have to hear you say that the proud 'Arab' people of Iran.... and how it's all America's fault while innocent people are getting raped and tortured to death by terrorist fundamentalists, I think I'm going to vomit.


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