Sunday, August 23, 2009

Senator Reid is in Trouble

Memo to Senator Reid - might be time to seek employment elsewhere.

That is the message of the day to Senator Harry Reid, Democrat from Nevada, in regards to his not-to-distant future. The Mason-Dixon polling & research company has released several opinion polls from the state of Nevada, in regards to the United States Senate election in 2010. The news is great for Republicans, miserable for the Democratic Senator, and excellent for the American people.

If Republican real estate professional Danny Tarkanian challenges Senator Reid, Tarkanian would win by 11% points, or by a 49-38% margin.

If Republican state Chairwoman Sue Lowden challenges Senator Reid, Lowden would win by 5% points, or by a 45-40% margin.

If Republican Congressman Dean Heller challenges Senator Reid in the upcoming election, he would win by 10% points, or by a 50-40% margin. Congressman Heller has already stated that he would not seek the United States Senate position.

If Republicans Danny Tarkanian & Sue Lowden we're to face off in a Republican primary, Tarkanian would win by a 19% margin, however 47% of Republican voters are undecided as of now. Whomever the Republican candidate is, they have a good shot at defeating the longtime Senator, who could follow in the steps of former Democratic Senate leader, Tom Daschle, who was kicked out of office in South Dakota by Republican Senator, John Thune.

Overall, Reid's approval rating is just 37%, with 50% of the voters in Nevada disapproving of Reid, President Obama would not bring much help to Reid's campaign, as his approval is just 44%, with 45% of the Nevada voters disapproving of Obama as well.

What does this mean for the Republican party in Nevada? It means that the leader of the United States Senate, is in deep trouble by wide margins, even against Republicans who have ruled out their intention to seek the Republican nomination. It also shows that liberalism does not fly well in the state of Nevada, which Senator Reid & Obama are followers of. It also proves that the Republican revolution of 2010, is just around the corner.

Election day 2010 might be 14 months away, however when you are trailing to three seperate candidates, by 5% points or more, who are all more Conservative then you are, in a historically Libertarian leaning state, you are in deep trouble. Reid's goal of raising 25 million dollars for this campaign might be possible, however I really do not believe it will make a difference. Voters are sick and tired of him, and they want Conservative change.

Side note : Considering Obama won Nevada by about 100,000 votes (by a 55-42 margin, and he not only is approved by 44%, and disapproved by 45%), this should also raise some eyebrows with possible Republican candidates for the office of President in 2012. Senator Ensign also has bad numbers (30% approval, 37% disapproval), due to an affair, however the disapproval numbers for Harry Reid are actually 13% worse then the Senator who has committed a scandal. Perhaps the scandal of pushing through a liberal agenda, against the will of the American people, is worse then an affair in these days? Who knows.


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