Sunday, August 16, 2009

Don't Bail on us England

The 200th British soldier has died in Afghanistan, all of their service is deeply appreciated in the fighting for the western belief of freedom, and to defeat the enemy which has attacked both America & Britain brutally, however both of these superpowers have resented the tug of surrendering.

Like the liberal morons in America, every time we receive a new toll of those that have given their life for their Nation, for Freedom, and to defeat a world recognized foe, the British socialists once again drum up their supporters to demand surrender to the greatest evil since Imperial Japan and the Nazis.

We are in the middle of a tough fight against the Taliban in Afghanistan, especially with all important elections upcoming, which should showcase why this war was worth fighting, not to mention we have defeated the Taliban pretty damn badly, however I realize we have a lot more to accomplish in the fight against the Taliban. We will need all of our allies, especially those that have been brutally attacked by radical Islam, such as American & Great Britain has.

We need to not be cowards like the Spain electorate & leadership, who in the face of a brutal attack against their Nation, which killed their people, the disgraces voted out the pro-war President, for some socialist fruitcake anti-war candidate. Spain has defined what they believe, when the going gets tough, Spain runs to surrender an intolerable evil.

However idiotic Spain is, I have found a man who disgraces his son who died fighting for Freedom in Afghanistan, who died fighting for revenge for what occurred not only in Great Britain, but what occurred to Britain's greatest ally, America.

"Graham Knight, whose son Ben was killed when a Royal Air Force Nimrod plane exploded over Afghanistan in 2006, said it was "time for an end to military action" in Afghanistan.

"We are ill-equipped and ill-advised," he said. "We should be getting the non-militant Taliban around the table and begin talks so we can embark on a withdrawal."

1.You never end Military action until you have 100% won.

2.How would you know this? Are you an Military expert? What the hell does that even mean in regards to fighting?

3.There is no non-militant taliban, you jackass, they all want to kill Americans & British citizens, because we love Freedom, and because we refuse to bow down to their islamic baloney in our Nations (America for now, Britain is slowly faltering).

4.You do not talk with an enemy which has killed thousands of your citizens, attacked your Nation, and has killed your soldiers. You defeat them, you beat them silly, you kill them

I pray to God, that Great Britain does not bail out on us like Spain, I also pray to God, that the idiotic Democrats don't bail out on the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan as well, they share the same feelings as Spain when the tough gets going.

The Cowardice of Spain -


Anonymous said...

Well at least President Obama is not air-raiding villages and killing civilians like President Bush was...

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