Thursday, August 13, 2009

Common Sense Must be Dead

The environmental lobby is downright nutty out in California, as they have shut off the water wells for Farmers, all because of some idiotic fish. Congressman Devin Nunes (R) of the 21st congressional district in California has fought against this since it was enacted, pushing for legislation in Congress, which would turn the pumps back on, as with them off.....farms are drying up, a man made drought is occurring, and unemployment is through the roof.

"Of course, the lack of water south of the Delta is the direct result of pumping restrictions imposed by our government – a man-made drought or government-imposed drought is the most descriptive way to describe the crisis."

- Congressman Nunez, as he wrote on his Congressional blog (how many Congressmen have a blog?) on July 24th.

His legislation finally reached the House floor on July 23rd 2009, the results are sickening. 179 nays (the good vote in this case,176 Republicans, 3 Democrats), and with 249 yeas (the bad vote in this case, 248 Democrats, 1 Republican), five Representatives we're not present at the time of the vote.

249 Representatives voted against Farmers, voted against jobs, voted against American crops, and voted for some idiotic fish over the Citizens of the United States!

Please be minded, not ONE California Democrat voted for the legislation, and that one Republican is Congressman Reichert, the same one who sold out America for the dreadful "cap & tax" legislation a few weeks ago as well.

Money ball quote from Congressman Nunez "Meanwhile, communities across the Central Valley face severe water shortages – shortages that are also impacting Southern California."

What has happened to the United States Congress in regards to American business? Does the success of American business, the success of Americans, and the employment of American citizens not trump fish? Sadly, according to the Democrat's in Congress, the environmental lobby, and the United States House of Representatives, NO. We need change alright, we need Capitalism & fiscal Conservative back in Congress, before it is to late.

Congressman Nunez's blog -

House roll call on Nunez's legislation (remember, from a Conservative perspective, yea is a bad vote, nay is a good vote 0n this legislation) -


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