Sunday, August 2, 2009

Does the United States Congress Even Care about Capitalism Anymore?

A house vote comes up in Congress, demanding we, excuse me, Congress to take the largest anti-Capitalist step in decades, by telling CEO'S of large companies, well.....we no longer believe you should make this much money and we, the government, are going to tell you how much to make. Does anyone really think that is a good thing? Since when does the federal government, have the right to tell anyone or to give anyone the control over another persons pay?

Well, the legislation passed. 237 Yea, 185 Nay, 11 abstained. 2 Republicans voted for this legislation, seven abstained, and the rest all voted against it.

Is Capitalism alive anymore in the halls of Congress? How long before they regulate the pay at small businesses? Wait, they already do - minimum wage. How long before the add even more costs to business, wait.......there is cap & tax, the health care legislation, the union bill, etc. etc. etc.

When will it end? When will the government stop giving itself more & more power into the Private sector, when will it stop giving control over those that have no right to touch it. When will the government finally be back to a pro-capitalism, free markets, free to make as much money as you want attitude?

Hopefully the United States Senate is in a better mood towards Capitalism, or else....what is the point of even succeeding in big business any more? This Congress is literally attempting to destroy this Nation, our economy, and it is borderline treason.

God help us.


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