Sunday, August 23, 2009

Obama's Health Care Plan a Travesty

President Obama has offered the the American people a lemon when it comes to the health care plan. His plan is pushing us towards nationalized medicine and is helping to balloon the deficit. I'm not even going to mention fetal reprocessing, which is so bad that even liberals can't defend it.

But let's take a look at other terrible options offered in the so-called health care reform package. Think of the idea for the public option. Not only will it create billions in new entitlements, but it will also help destroy current insurance. But the good news is that it's so poor that it looks like it might be dropped from the whole debate.

And sure that Obama says that illegals will not get free insurance though his plan. But take a look at what he really said. If an illegal comes into a hospital and needs treatment without money or insurance, they will have the bill picked up by Uncle Sam.

And even CBS News is now admitting that the health care plan will explode our deficit and cost us billions and billions of dollars. Obama's plan is a terrible fiscal idea.

But let's see the results ten years down the road. Many might lose quality care and we might owe $10 trillion on the health care plan. Inflation could be massive and unemployment may rise. What could we be thinking?


Anonymous said...

Why is your blog the only source for 'fetal reprocessing'? And why is the doctor that you quote as being from Princeton, actually from Bangor Maine? And where is 'fetal processing' term coming from, it is not in the HR 3200 text?

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