Monday, August 3, 2009

Memo to Democrats: George Bush is no Longer President

Question : Who was President , when the massive housing entitlement program started, which led to this entire downfall?

Answer : President Bill Clinton.

Question : Who is the President, who has approve trillions in debt, wasteful spending, has increased our deficit faster then any other President in American history, and has led America to nothing but higher unemployment, and more dependency on government.

Answer : President Barack Obama.

Do the Democrats understand what I just wrote above? Nope, they just continue to blame Bush for all of the problems, please be noted...I did 100% disapprove of Bush on the TARP bailouts, and on the Auto bailout, so Bush did many stupid things, however he is not the main cause, that rests on the hands of Obama & Clinton.

So what the Democrats to do? With an economic crisis created by one, and then continued by another? They blame George W. Bush! A President who has remained silent, deathly silent I may add when it comes to the new administration, unlike the fighting Vice President Dick Cheney, whom I wish would consider a Presidential run.

Washington Post article -

New Jersey - Corzine has raised taxes, Corzine has done a horrible job, increased governments size, increased government programs, etc. - he is the reason for the downfall of New Jersey, not George Bush, look at Texas..they are doing well, because of a 100% fiscal Conservative Governor.

Virginia - you are so desperate to defeat the Conservative Republican, McDonnell, who is winning by double digits, you just go back to the mud slinging, sorry, but I think the American people will no longer buy into the "Bush did it" baloney.


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