Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Remember All the Talk About Cheney and Halliburton? Obama One-Ups Him

I don't know if any of us 'dumb' Republicans and conservatives can remember, but there was a large uproar regarding the United States giving no-contract bids to Halliburton, which just so happened to have been run by Vice President Dick Cheney.

Sounds fishy? Well, what was conveniently left out is that Cheney owned no stock in the company and that the company's gains wouldn't affect his income.

But what about Obama destroying the "culture of corruption" and making sure that special interests and lobbyists were not a part of the new Washington elite. Well, it appears that that rosy talk was just enough to get him elected. Now that he's in office, it doesn't seem as important.

Take chief adviser David Axelrod. A tough Chicago-type, Axelrod knows how to play hardball politically and financially.

Including landing a sweetheart deal between the White House and a company he just so happened to have been the head of. It also just so happened that Obama's campaign spent over $300 million last year with AKPD Message and Media in which Axelrod led and GMMB Campaign Group which just so happened to have Obama teammate Jim Margolis as a partner. During this time period might I add that Axelrod was the sole shareholder in AKPD!

I can see why you would want to have people you can trust involved in your public relations, but this is downright vulgar.

And now the two firms are profiting further from the Adminstration's health care push. True, Axelrod isn't involved with AKPD anymore, but that comes after his company made money hand over fist last year.

Most transparent administration? If Bush directly used campaign funds to give Halliburton $300 million while Cheney was still CEO, we'd never hear the end of it.


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