Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Crotchety Old Man: Obama Cowering

Jack Cafferty is a relic at CNN. Cynical and always willing to complain, Cafferty was frequently eager to criticize President Bush during his years in office. Barack Obama was different... Cafferty's stone heart appeared to pump again and the Senator-turned-President engendered a more positive attitude.

That appears to be changing slightly. It's not that I really take Cafferty that seriously (and neither should you) but it appears that his return to morose cynicism marks the first major defeat of the Obama Administration with the health care debacle.

The honeymoon period appears to have ended and the glib adoration of Obama by many is under reconsideration.

Just take Cafferty's statements and viewer responses yesterday as an example. Ramon from California writes:

It means President Obama is willing to sell out millions of his supporters so he can placate a handful of senators who are in bed with the insurance industry. For goodness sakes, can the Democrats ever win? I thought we did last November. This isn’t the change we voted for. It’s pathetic.

It is pathetic. More and more Americans appear to realize the depths of which they were duped last November and if even crotchety Cafferty sees, we may be making progress.


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