Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Channeling Zell Miller

Several months ago, Democrat Senator Zell Miller (more like a Republican) was speaking at a event, and he said that Rham Emanuel needs to put gorilla glue on the Presidents chair, to keep him from flying all over the world at taxpayer expense. I loved the humor, and heard no racism, unlike our ideological counterparts.......who see racism in everything.

I would like to use Senator Miller's analogy on the current situation, as Obama is criss-crossing the Mid-west making speeches at union thug headquarters, is going on another late night television show (George Washington, Abe Lincoln, JFK rolling in graves over the lowering of the most powerful office in the world), and is appearing on all Sunday morning shows, except for Chris Wallace on FoxNews.

Obama is going around the Nation, to union pet peeves, wasting American taxpayer dollars as he makes another several speeches, which has had to have reached well over 200, I could not imagine it below 100, he is wasting our time, he is clogging our airwaves, and his message is as stale as peanuts on a Southwestern flight.

Obama - we cannot afford to waste or spend even more money, that goes for all in government, and since you are using taxpayer dollars as your personal frequent flyer milers, STOP IT.

-- Tim K.


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