Friday, September 11, 2009

Truthers are Nothing More than Disgusting, Self-Centered Scum

Explicit Language Warning, and thanks to Cracked and Popular Mechanics, which gave me a lot to agree with

Something that has pissed me off since the first time was the question, "Didn't you know 9/11 was an inside job?" It was asked to me by a friend, who then showed me part of the famously idiotic "Loose Change," which proposes that September 11, 2001 was an attack on the White House and Pentagon, not by terrorists, but by our very own government and a host of engineers.

I was about 15 at the time; yet Loose Change still seemed to me as a contrived piece of shit. It was clear to me that lots of slick bull went into this, a lot of lies by people who see themselves as super-important heroes who feel they must uncover a conspiracy that thousands were in on.

Needless to say, the tragedy of 9/11 was not an inside job, but an act of unspeakable evil by terrorist assholes half the world away. Just just for fun, I feel like beating the everliving hell out of the conspiracy theorists one last time. This is why truthers are full of shit:

One; they say that the Twin Towers were brought down by explosives, not the planes. All right, the towers were more than 100 stories tall each, both with strong internal and external structural integrity. It doesn't take a math wiz to figure that engineers are going to need a hell-of-a-lot of explosives to take them down.

So how are the government technicians going to do this? Well, obviously, with such a massive amount of bombs needed to bring down the towers, they had to stock them up for a long time. Let's guess it takes a month to fill two hundred-story towers with explosives. That would mean that for one full month, strange men and women were coming into the Trade Towers day and night, carrying unlabeled packages.

All right, but obviously, they can't let c4 just lay around the building, someone, or a security camera, is bound to notice that unknown people are piling up explosive-smelling boxes all over your office building. So they had to put them behind some sort of wall, maybe a wall so people wouldn't go snooping into these unmarked crates, right? Therefore, hundreds of construction workers would be working constantly to seal unmarked, explosive-smelling, unlabeled boxes into the wall of your office building. Hmm, imagine, no one noticed?

But you know why no one noticed? Because this is all bull shit.

Two; the Pentagon was hit with a missile not a plane. All right, other than the hundreds of witnesses who saw the plane flying low and those who saw it flying into the building, who must of all been in on it, Loose Change states that there are absolutely no pictures of plane wreckage around the Pentagon. Let's see...

What about this:Or this:
But what am I thinking about? These are facts, something that should never be confused with the September 11 Truthers, or assholes, if you will. Indisputable photo evidence was something they never did like...

Three; Flight 93 did not crash because of a heroic re-taking of the plane by the passengers, but was shot down by the government. Conspiracy theorists also believe that the cell phone calls on the flights were impossible, and that it is indeed possible that no one was aboard the plane.

For both of these to be true, first, the members who were supposedly on Flight 93 not only knew about the planned attack, but faked their phone calls in cooperation with their family members. Second, those family members would never be able to come back and live with their families or in public again, for fear of their scheme getting out. Third, the black box found from the downed plane had to be faked ahead of time. Fourth, the planes had to be either reotely controlled to be able to fly on their own, or some unlucky soul was chosen to fly a plane that was about to be blown out of the sky.


Fourth; thousands of people were in on the job, including the Administration, airplane specialists, demolition experts, everyone who worked at or around the Pentagon, the people who cleaned up the plane (or 'missile') at the Pentagon, pilots in the military, people who worked security cameras, people who cleaned up the remains of Flight 93, and the people who were aboard flight 93.

I think I'll let Cracked handle this "point:"

And keep in mind, this can't be chump change. Even in a world where every structural engineering desk jockey is okay with mass murder, they're still not going to risk jail and career ruin and walk away from a huge book deal for ten grand. Oh, no, it's got to be millions, per person, just to make it worth it. Even a dedicated conspirator would need to know he or she was set for life...

Say the average payout was ten million (barely enough to live rich the rest of your life, but let's just say)."

They figured, and I agree, that this massive conspiracy would cost... $5,000,000,000,000, or five trillion dollars.

From Cracked: "
And here's the kicker...

100% of the people who were offered the deal, took it.

After all, we don't have a single person who has come running into the offices of the New York Times, waving a check and saying, "look! Here's a check for ten million smackers that the government gave me to be silent about 9/11! Can you believe these assholes? Now give me my book deal!"

Not one. Even with the lure of fame and fortune and a chance to go down in history as The Guy Who Saved American Democracy, even with the crushing guilt of seeing thousands of bodies hauled out of the rubble, even seeing the horrors of a nation turned inside out by war and paranoia that was completely manufactured as a gruesome hoax, some of these people having their own friends and families and colleagues die in the attacks, not one turned down the money... or took the money and came forward anyway."

I could destroy some more crazy conspiracy theories, but I just don't have the time, and Cracked and Popular Mechanics have done a better job than I. But the mindset of the 9/11 conspirator is clear: everyone around them is morally corrupt. People are so greedy that they will watch their friends and families die at the hands of the government for a big pay day. In their delusional conscience, they see themselves as the heroes of justice. They think they are better than the average person who would give away the life of their siblings for a big fat check. So one and for all, to all the truthers out there: go fuck yourselves.


Kevin said...

U are a moron. U are not the brightest. U said u would like to beat the hell out of us. I will personally meet u anywhere anytime. punk

Anonymous said...

Kevin, Kevin, Kevin...please take your meds. And learn the English language. Your asinine shorthand demonstrates that you are an emotionally and intellectually bankrupt, soul challenged troll.

As for meeting someone anytime anywhere. I'm up for it. I won't stop at just beating the hell out of you. Fill in the blanks for yourself fool.

Joe C. said...

Kevin, clearly you didn't read the article. Kindly burn in hell.

kevin said...

"learn the English language"

just that comment alone, lets me know that u can get ur geeky ass kicked easily. What are u gonna say next gosh darn it? And Joe C clearly when u fart, ur boyfriend smells luv.

Joe C. said...


I have a .357 magnum with one bullet. Do the honorable thing.

I'll clean up afterwards.

kevin said...

So Joe, what yer saying is that yer a pussy. hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Joe, you liberals really suck. Hope you use that bullet on yourself.

Joe C. said...

Eat gluten and die!

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