Monday, September 14, 2009

Yeah, Right: CNN Places Obama Approval at 58%

The Daily Kos is known for doing their own polling (in cooperation with Research 2000) and coming uo with misleading results. For example, their equivalent of "Do you believe that President Obama is doing a good job as President" is "Do you think President Obama is a nice person." It might provide results for the second question, but it is prominently placed near the top of the site as his 'approval.'

ABC and CBS (especially the latter) have become infamous for their misleading poll results. Often, they placed Obama's polls during his run at 5% over others-- because they played hooky with statistics. CBS would intentionally "oversample" black Americans by 10% for th poll, thus pushing up Obama's numbers.

The most accurate of all of the polls has been Rasmussen, which almost pegged the last two Presidential races exactly.

But CNN, which is usually fairly accurate, came out with a strange figure today.

According to the latest CNN Research Dynamics poll, President Obama's approval has spiked to 58%. While this may seem plausible due to his primetime speech, it also appears unlikely due to simple statistical means. The average of all of the other polls on RealClearPolitics was 52.0%. This would mean that CNN's poll would be 6% higher, or well out of the statistical margin of error. In addition, his disapproval was at 40%, or 9% lower than Rasmussen's 49.

Rasmussen, which polls likely voters, and not just all adults, has been the most accurate. They placed the approval at 50% earlier today. In addition, a recent Zogby poll had Obama at 42%-- 14% lower than CNN.

Also, in a poll taken from September 11-13, there is a noticable absence of questions relating to the day or the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Perhaps a few of these questions would remind citizens what a subpar job the President's Administration is doing at protecting this country.

In the future, just check out Rasmussen-- they're most accurate and the founder is on Fox a lot.


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