Monday, September 21, 2009

What's Obama got to do with New York politics?

"If you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen".

That best describes New York politics at its best, a political arena which is brutal even on a good day, as to be a Republican is harsh, being a Conservative Republican on top of that, is pure hell in this state, unless you reside in one of twenty-something counties which voted for John McCain last November. We have a very interesting Gubernatorial election next November, with Rudy Giuliani, Rick Lazio, David Paterson, and other supporting actors *cough candidates cough* in the running for the Governor's mansion, not to mention a very important special congressional election in the 23rd district of New York this November upcoming.

So what does Barack Obama got to do with any of this?

  1. Barack Obama & White House has kept all major Primary opponents against Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, out of the race.
  2. Barack Obama & White House have advised Governor Paterson not to run for the Democrat nomination in 2010, which did not "jive" with Paterson.
  3. It is reported that Rham Emanuel, who serves in the White House, was deeply involved in the selection of Congressman McHugh as Secretary of Army, intentionally exposing a historic GOP election to Democrat hands.

For someone who is the President of the United States, it appears he is involved in New York has a political consultant, more then the President, that is just my opinion.

As a Conservative Republican, I realize New York has problems, however, New York still has the chance to actually elect Republicans who can do something about it, we have good candidates for the 2010 elections, and the last thing we need is Obama & Rham Emanuel sticking their noses into our business.

Also, Democrat New York state Senator Diaz Sr. takes a silent swipe at Obama -

-- Tim K.


Superb Jon said...

AP October 24, 1994, Monday Republican Mayor Rudolph Giuliani rejected his own party's candidate for governor Monday and threw his support behind embattled Democrat Mario Cuomo's bid for a fourth term. . . The mayor had repeatedly said he was concerned that Pataki's plan to cut New York's state income tax by 25 percent over four years might mean less state aid to the city even though Pataki had vowed that it wouldn't. . . The Republican mayor told the City Hall news conference he was aware he was taking a risk by endorsing a Democrat, but added: "Mario Cuomo will simply be a better governor than George Pataki."

AP August 19, 1994 Giuliani, a former federal prosecutor elected mayor last fall, stood on a stage with Clinton in Minneapolis last week and applauded after the president ripped congressional Republicans who derailed the bill.

AP February 8, 2000 Giuliani has routinely run for mayor with Liberal Party backing. . . "He's wrong on domestic partners, he's wrong on gays in the military, he's wrong on gay rights, he's wrong on rent control, he's wrong on ... we could just go on and on and on," Long said.

AP March 3, 1997 Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, who enjoys his role as a tough politician, stunned friends and foes alike as he gamboled before 2,000 people at a black-tie affair dressed as a woman. . . Giuliani called his feminine alter ego "Rudia." Giuliani, running for a second term this year, remarked that he is "a Republican pretending to be a Democrat pretending to be a Republican."

AP June 28, 2001 Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, in an effort to escape the strains of his divorce, has forsaken Gracie Mansion for the refuge of a close friend's high-rise apartment, according to published reports. . . The East Side apartment is owned by the mayor's friend, Howard Koeppel, a [homosexual] Queens car dealer and mayoral fund-raiser

UPI February 24, 1982 Mayor Edward Koch, who now wants to run for governor and will need upstate support to win, says living in the suburbs is ''sterile,'' and rural life is a ''joke.'' Koch made the comments in an interview with Playboy magazine . . . Questioned about time wasted in city subways, Koch replied, ''As opposed to wasting time in a car? Or out in the country, wasting time in a pickup truck when you have to drive 20 miles to buy a gingham dress or a Sears Roebuck suit?''

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