Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Retire Senator Byrd.

Senator Robert Byrd, the number one reason for term limits in the United States Congress (first elected in 1958 to the United States Senate, still in office today), has not been a full time Senator representing West Virginia for literally years, as his health continues to decline, it is about time that Byrd retire from the United States Senate.

It is being reported that Byrd has been admitted to the hospital in northern Virginia, after a fall in his home earlier this day, http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0909/27429.html , another reason by Byrd should retire, I cannot count a long stretch where he has been active in the Senate.

Byrd is a liberal democrat racist, a former klansman of the highest degree, literally, he is a porker & wasteful Senator in terms of economics, and is a fine example of why we need term limits, because no-one should serve as a United States Senator for over five decades, and shame on West Virginia for ever electing someone for five decades.

So, I hereby call for Senator Robert Byrd, to retire from the United States Senate, to end his reign of power, to restore a full sitting (hopefully Republican) Senator to represent West Virginia, and to just get the hell out of office, it is long overdue.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, let's get rid of Byrd so he can be replaced with a younger version cut from the same Democrat mold who will be there for at least another 50 yrs. Sounds good to me. /s

austin personal trainer said...

Sheets Byrd still has come life in him. I hear there are 56 different muncipal buidings, parks, rec. centers, and bridges named after him for the pork his has provided in WV. Way to go Sheets.

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