Sunday, September 27, 2009

Little Green Footballs the devolved Conservative blog.

Little Green Footballs, once one of the highest regarded Conservative blogs on the entire Internet, has devolved into one of the most vile anti-Conservative blogs on the entire Internet, as the website apparently devotes itself to spearing right-wing pundits, lawmakers, fellow bloggers, and the ideals which Conservatives hold dear.

Over the past few weeks alone, Little Green Footballs has attacked Congressman Roy Blunt as a racist, which has been disproved by numerous sources, even the New York Times did not buy into the racist claims against Congressman Blunt, then Little Green Footballs attacked Senator Jim Inhofe for opposing global warming, for stirring up opposition to the global warming conference in Denmark, and for "subverting the Obama administrations policies overseas", from those statements, it appears that Little Green Footballs thinks that Conservatives should not oppose the "global warming myth", that we should not be talking at these conferences, and that we should not attempting to subvert Obama's agenda overseas.

Nancy Pelosi met with the Syria leader during the Bush administration, Senator Boxer was at the same global warming conference several years ago - the same one that Senator Inhofe was at, and liberal Democrats have done far more to "subvert" Bush era policies, then Conservatives ever have or will overseas.

However, when a Conservative wants to bring the anti-global warming side to the table in Denmark, he is dubbed a "traitor" by Little Green Footballs, don't take my word for it, visit the disgusting website.

Little Green Footballs also has a distaste for Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, Governor Rick Perry, Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck, Conservative blogger R.S. McCain, those who attended the tea party protests, pro-lifers, creationists, and pretty much every other Conservative ideal under the sun. However, if the website just wrote about foreign policy, and nothing else, the website would earn respect back.

Little Green Footballs has become a growing enemy of Conservatism in the United States blogosphere, is my blog or R.S. McCain's blog the solution? Probably not, however, Little Green Footballs is an ever growing problem, as the war between blogs continues, rifts among Conservatives are growing, while our interests should be dedicated to fighting Obama.

What is the solution? Ignore them. Focus on what counts. Don't give the Conservative basher the light of day.

-- Tim K.


Transsylvania Phoenix said...

Charles should change the name of his blog from LGF to DKL.
Don't know what DKL stands for? It's Daily Kos Lite.
Hya Charlie! ;)

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