Sunday, September 27, 2009

Merkel claims victory, Israel tells U.S. : Time to act.

Germany's Chancellor claims victory

The voters of Germany have handed Chancellor a second time in office, a historic victory for center-right political parties in the Nation, a slap in the face towards terrorists who had threatened Germany with terrorist attacks, in an attempt to win the election for the leftist candidate, and for once in the history of Germany, a pro-business coalition.

While the official results are not in, Merkel is the re-elected Chancellor in the Nation of Germany, her plans for tax cuts, and keeping nuclear power active in the Nation will move forward, an pro-war on terrorism Germany will continue, and Conservatives have just had their best finish in Germany ever.

Great news from Germany, may it spread to the United States.

Israel tells United States : time to act on Iran.

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu met with Nancy Pelosi & various United States Senates, and urged them to take action against Iran, although the "action" was never specified. This news comes out at we are leaning that Iran fired several short range missiles, and is planning to fire a long range missile which has the range to strike Israel.

I believe Israel and the United States have the obligation to act now, to destroy the nuclear sites in Iran, and to end the terrorist threat from Iran once and for all, bomb the Presidential palace, and be done with it.

This is no time to run to the United Nations for eight resolutions, we need to take direct action now, or else......who knows what could occur down the road, with a nuclear armed Iran. If the United States government is cowardice, then Israel must do it on their own, and soon.

Side note : Merkel is also a fairly Pro-Israeli head of state, considering Merkel is from the Nation of Germany, which once murdered six million Jews. However, she has stood against the Iranian despot in the past, stronger then Obama ever will, sadly.

-- Tim K.


Lomax said...

What the hell? The Germans murdered 6 Million Jews? Really?

Lomax said...

Okay, I confirmed what you said about the Germans murdering Jews via wikipedia. It's the funniest story, but I never heard about that. I was probably the only guy on the whole internet who didn't know about that.

So thanks for letting me know by writing that totally unrelated thing about murdering Jews in an article about today's Germany. Many other people would have probably wondered why you wrote it in there in the first place. But I can only thank you.

Man, these Germans suck, don't they?

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