Monday, September 7, 2009

Obama's Artificial Crisis to Push Healthcare Bill?

With public support and Congressional muster falling further and further, the President's proposal for health care reform has fallen sharply. In addition, even Senator Edward Kennedy's death and subsequent beatification has not pushed the health care debate back towards passage.

So Bloomberg News is look at the possibility that there may be an artificial crisis-- or at least a sense of crisis in order to attempt to create support for the health care bill.

So what could this artificial crisis look like? Of course, there could be a whole slew of "random" news coverage about flu season and how the American medical system is so terrible. The White House and the news could also overstate the importance of any hospital closings in the entire country. Maybe rabid "right wingers" will be videotaped carrying guns to hospitals. Maybe more segments will go to show how "stupid" Republicans are.

The President also could try and recreate the public debate by attacking the (mainly) Republican opposition. Just like CNN and MSNBC mysteriously started making idiot Birthers seem like the mainstream of the Republican Party, attacks on Republicans could herald a great changing of the subject.

"George Bush didn't want health care." Keith Olbermann could say.
"Sarah Palin doesn't support it because it has contraception for her daughter." David Letterman could joke.
[Fart face] Jon Stewart can mimic.

See how well the Democrats have got this already?


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