Monday, September 14, 2009

Government run healthcare is officially dead in the United States Senate.

With news reports that Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) is now opposed to all forms of government run health care and a "trigger" government run health care, giving the Republicans 39 stronghold votes against the current government run option plan in the House of Representatives. It is also being reported, that Senator Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) is warning Obama that the government run option needs to go.

Adding Senator Blanche Lincoln (D-Arkansas) opposition to the current legislation, and the borderline opposition by Senator Joe Lieberman (I-Connecticut), it gives the opposition 40-42 guaranteed votes against the current government run option in the House of Representatives, with the Democrats clinging to a 59 seats in the Senate, it means the Democrats are screwed in the United States Senate.

As for the United States House of Representatives, I would guarantee that all 178 Republicans are opposed to H.R. 3200, and that anywhere from 28-44 Democrats are opposed to the plan as well, giving the opposition good ranks in both houses of Congress.

Hopefully, when the day comes for the big vote, it fails by even larger margins in the House of Representatives, because the Senate is always "iffy".

Keep fighting my fellow Patriots, the battle is long from over.

-- Tim K.


Anonymous said...

It's official. Really?

You're guaranteeing that 24-28 democrats won't vote for the bill?

You're dreaming, my friend.

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