Monday, September 14, 2009

Does Obama have a brain?

Does Barack Obama have a brain in regards to National security? I suspect some will call me an idiot or a moron, but this question needs to be asked.

Obama is now pushing at the United Nations, that we take steps to get rid of all Nuclear weapons through out the world, which would be a horrible mistake for all Nations of good & freedom. There is one key aspect of American & Israeli foreign policy which should always remain, that the United States & Israel always have nuclear weapons, and that all other Nations must not.

Liberals will read the above and delve into some utopia dream of a world without nuclear weapons, if you think about, having nuclear weapons prevented a massive third world war between the United States & Russia. However, lets remember.........nuclear weapons like any weapon is a weapon of good, until evil gets hold of it. With that added reality, we must always realize that evil will always possess nuclear weapons, and thus it is the responsibility of Nations of good (Israel, United States, Britain) to have these weapons as well.

Even if no other Nation in the world had these weapons, America must always have them, it is the ultimate piece of leverage, and it is one we cannot afford to barter way in liberal utopia stupidity. As we must take all measures to secure our National security.

So, does Obama have a brain in regards to nuclear weapons? Nope.

Does the United States Senate to prevent a possible treaty? As of now, Yes.

-- Tim K.


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