Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Liberals defend the communist.

It appears that in our society, people tend to pass blame along to the victims of crime, or circumstance of the issues,. or just every day actions. Liberals are known for blaming the victim, hell, they even blamed Erin Andrews, an ESPN sideline reporter, for what occurred to her (while she was getting dressed in her hotel room, some creep filmed her through the peep hole in the door, they blamed her...because she is a woman in a mans line of work), instead of the creep who actually committed the crime.

Now we have Van Jones, a man who according to Valerie Jarrett, Obama has been following his antics since "Oakland", who is a self avowed communist, black nationalist, has a weird combination of 9/11 truther & blame America for the brutal terrorist attacks on September eleventh, and is a large proponent of "social justice", which is codeword for government theft from those that have worked hard for their money, to those that don't deserve a damn dime of that same money.

As we know, Van Jones was selected by Obama, to be his "green jobs czar", a 100% un-constitutional situation in the first place, however, that is a discussion for another day. Now, Jones had a position of power within the White House, and the ear of the President of the United States of America, so Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck, deeply concerned about this connection, started to expose the man that is Van Jones over the course of approximately two weeks. Because of his hard work, and millions of Americans, plus a few bloggers who found some interesting information as well, Van Jones resigned..........

A well won victory for America, and the Conservative side of the American political spectrum.

What do liberals do? They start defending Van Jones, who in this case is not the victim, of being a great hero of the green movement, even though he believes the murders of 3,000 Americans was possibly an inside job by the Bush administration, and he is a communist who ironically was given a "green jobs" position inside the White House.

I don't understand it. America is the victim of Van Jones, and instead of defending the victim, they are defending the criminal. I guess the blame America brigade & sentiment among the liberal nutroots in the main stream media & blogosphere, just won't end.

-- Tim K.


chefdaniel said...

Man, how I loathe the liberals. Enough to make my head explode.

Anonymous said...

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