Thursday, September 17, 2009

Obama = idiot.

I have written numerous times on how Obama & National security are and never will be friends in any demeanor, he is a pacifist liberal jackass, and if he could leave Afghanistan & Iraq today, he would.......

Obama has just made another idiotic National security mistake, or should I say another way to 100% piss off our last European allies which actually give a damn about security, as Obama is sending officials in the Czech Republic & Poland to tell them that the missile defense system promised under the Bush administration, will be scrapped.

How this just pisses me off in so many ways, not to mention makes absolutely no sense to someone who is as worried about National security then me, as I care very deeply about the lives of Americans and our allies overseas, as there is real evil and real danger out in the world, and you must take all precautions to defend your Nation & alliance, not to leave a giant insecurity hole for a missile to fly right through into Poland!

Security. Precaution. Prevent attacks. Alliance. Strong missile defense. Stronger Air Force. Better protection against possible attacks.

The reasons for missile defense is endless, all I know is that we need it, the liberal folks of Hawaii really wanted it after North Korea threatened to attack, I thought that would teach the Obama administration something about National security, I guess I was wrong.

The Obama administration - still wrong, still weak, still putting American lives at risk, not to mention our allies lives as well.

-- Tim K.


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