Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I just love political pundits, as whether they are on the Conservative or liberal side of the political spectrum, they are always attempting to rally the base, calling for Americans to stand up, to be action, however, the call to action byway of running for elected office is hardly mentioned. I am a Evangelical Conservative Republican from the mountains of Upstate New York, I have over the past eight or nine months become very political active, and I am planting the seeds to run for office in either November 2011 or Spring of 2012.

What bothers me, is that the pundits support dedicated action, which I am apart of as an National Rifle Association member, however, the call to be citizen legislators is often ignored. Take New York State for instance, there are literally tens of thousands of elected offices one can run for, even in one of the least populous counties there are close to 150 elected positions and that is just one county. Imagine if 200 Conservative Republicans stood up and decided to run & won elected offices across the state, that would be a dramatic change across the state.

Working in & with political campaigns is important, voting is crucial, and joining political organizations with likewise beliefs is all apart of being a politically active Conservative Republican. One must also remember, there is also a time to declare yourself a candidate, and run on what you believe. Because we not only need Conservatives making political phonecalls for campaigns, we need them making the decisions in elected office.

So my message would be to Conservative Republicans & Republicans in general across the United States, to RUN!

-- Tim K.


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