Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Political free speech for all Americans.

Question : Did you know that large sectors of Americans cannot use their Constitutional right to freedom of speech, in regards to political matters in a joint effort?

Answer : Then why is this not being covered by the media every single day, night, and moonrise to the Mars and back?

That is a good question indeed.

I have written numerous times on the censorship of political free speech that has targeted Church's across the United States of America, who if they want to make a political endorsement, better make sure the IRS does not find out. This is a stealth way of political censorship via the tax codes & IRS.

Corporations have also been targeted, by not allowing them to be involved in political campaigns either. When this is without a doubt against the foundations of the Constitution, they have just as much as right to endorse or support a candidate, as I do, or as Bruce Willis does.

Great news, it appears the United States Supreme Court will overturn sections of John McCains "campaign finance law", which would finally allow for Corporations to be involved in the political process, just as the rest of America is as well. I would also hope, one day the tax law that restricts tax free organizations from endorsing candidates, especially Church's, will be ruled un-constitutional as well.

Also, some claim that this will destroy Democracy, considering this will lead to more advertisements, debates, etc....I highly disagree.

The Justices that support overturning the law - Justice Kennedy, Justice Scalia, Justice Thomas, Justice Alito, Chief Justice Roberts.

Outside The Beltway's James Joyner looks over this topic & the United States Supreme Court -

-- Mr. K.
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