Thursday, August 6, 2009

Obama: 'Health Care Reform Will Stabilize Economy' (No, Really, He Said This)

Over the last few months, I've contemplated why exactly the President is so terrible at his job. You know, declaring the Stimulus would prevent unemployment from going over 8% (it's at 9.5% right now, and rising), blaming Health Care reform stagnation on Republicans (instead of Blue Dogs and Ultra-Liberal Democrats), and making gaffe after gaffe.

Now, for months I've tried to ascribe to my personal theory that he is naive, uninformed, and has no experience. I didn't believe that he is intentionally destroying the US because he hates it or that he's an outright socialist. But my theories took a major hit when I read that the President stated that the 1.5 trillion dollar Health Care reform would "would stabilize the nation's fiscal health."

Such an egregious statement, one that is utterly idiotic, makes me seriously wonder if our President is simply naive or utterly stupid. Is he a liar? Normally I'd say not, and that his statements are just politics. But now...I'm just not sure.

I mean, there is no way in hell that he can believe this, and he can't "crunch" numbers and somehow come out with a profit for this thing. No...just no. There is something wrong here, something very wrong.


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