Wednesday, September 9, 2009

American In Name Only.

If you follow the daily ins & outs of the political world, you will be familiar with two common sayings among the bases of both major political parties :
Republican In Name Only - RINO.
Democrat In Name Only - DINO.

Republicans will point at Senator Olympia Snowe as a Republican In Name Only, and Democrats will point at former Georgia Senator Zell Miller as a Democrat In Name Only.

While the political bickering is fun, which I succumb to at times, I have a new INO to showcase to the world. American In Name Only - AINO.

Defined as an American who will never support their Nation in combat against the enemy or evil in general, is always attempting to paint the freedoms & greatness of this Nation as oppressive & evil towards the rest of the world, or the lack of understanding of what makes America great, while attempting to destroy it.

The members on this short list are well known, so without further delay, I would like to present the opening class of American's In Name Only :
Michael Moore.
Oliver Stone.
Cynthia McKinney.
John Adams Project (have to research this group to understand it is radical left-wing).
Van Jones.
Rosie O'Donnell.

--Tim K.


Anonymous said...

Barack Obama

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